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Hopeful Resume Tips

Rescue my Resumes is your free, one-stop shop for creating a personalized, professional resume without all the headache of scrounging up something from scratch.
Simply follow the prompts to enter your summary, education, work experiences, professional skills, etc. and leave the formatting to us. This is a great way to build a resume for free online and you can save your resume as a PDF and Word, or print or share it via email.


The summary section should appear just as it sounds; a summation of relevant personal qualities and professional abilities that make you the right candidate for the job. Be sure to give your potential employer a relevant snapshot of who you are, what you can offer and what you are looking to achieve in the desired role.

Work Experience

Outlining up to 10 years of recent (and relevant) work experience will help sell your potential employer on your ability to perform the essential job functions. Bullet points for each individual employer and title will help organize this section and will also provide maximum impact. If you have non-relevant experience or a work history that stretches back longer than 10 years that you'd like to include, consider adding an additional section entitled "Prior Work History" to differentiate.


This is the spot where you show off that fancy high school or college degree you probably sold off a kidney to obtain. Listing your education shows that you meet any necessary prerequisites to employment and allows you to showcase your book smarts if you're a little short on actual experience.

Professional Skills

You've got the skills and this is the place to show them off. This two column section uses bullet points to highlight the qualities that set you apart. List your special, work-related, talents in short, 2-3 word phrases and leave the punctuation at the door.


The Accomplishments section is a brief highlight of improvements, awards or quantifiable achievements that set you apart from the crowd. Have major projects that you've ushered through to fruition? This is the spot to list them. Maybe you're new in your career but have previously been recognized as an up and coming star by an industry publication or organization. This spot is for you. This optional section is a place to brag, but make sure the information is relevant to your desired position.


Highlight any certification, credentiaols or special training you may have completed that is relevant to your job target.

Activites and Honors

Professional and civic engagements may not garner day to day support or recognition, but that doesn't mean they aren't worthy endeavors (and valuable to potential employers). Be sure to list these activities on your resume as an added character item or other in-depth elucidation of your personal and professional skills.